As a college student athlete, Billy has encountered several obstacles and used them to his advantage. With the help of his high school brothers, Billy wants to create an environment to use “pain” as a motivator.


Hanna Durand shares her battle with mental health. Take some time to listen to Hanna and how she overcomes her past struggles. Want to hear more about Hanna's story? Keep scrolling! 


David Rush is a platinum selling recording artist, a motivational speaker, patient/doctor consultant and spokesperson. As a former in-center and now current home Hemo patient with “Tablo” Dialasis machine, David truly knows what it means to live life with a Chronic Kidney disease. As a husband and father of 2 David now dedicates his life to putting positive energy into the world and hoping his story will help others thru their struggles. 


Tamara Torres is a Puerto Rican artist who was born into poverty in Trenton, NJ. Being an artist has allowed her create works that embody her Afro-Latina ancestry and life experiences. The lack of Latina abstract artists has pushed her to pursue this field with passion. Today, Tamara shares about her life experience dealing with multigenerational depression within her family, and how seeking help is beneficial.


William is 22 years old and was diagnosed with leukemia last year. William’s resilience, positivity, and courage embodies the Beneficial Pain mentality. His battle with cancer is inspiration for anyone going through something big or small. Tune in to hear his story, share his story and support him through his journey.


Matt (19 years old) is from Akron, Ohio and is currently a sophomore attending Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA majoring in business. On September 16, 2016, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, right in the middle of his sophomore season of football in high school. Over the next 3.5 years, he went through intense chemotherapy, but we’re grateful to say he has finished treatment and rang the bell on January 2nd, 2020.


Tayler Wornum is a 24-year old Black woman who recently moved to Seattle, Washington. She is a System Analyst for Starbucks and originally from Boston, MA. In this Ep of Humans of BP, Tayler shares her story on coming out to her family and choosing and prioritizing her own happiness.


In October 2019, Hanna shared her story with us of being diagnosed bipolar II disorder in June of 2018. With her diagnoses, Hanna changed her outlook on life, spreading and sharing positivity as her main goal. Hanna is a graduate of Stonehill College and currently studying for her masters in Sport and Exercise Science at Merrimack College. She is a collegiate strength and conditioning coach as well, with a mission to inspire positivity and compassion to her athletes and clients. Take your pain, and make it beneficial!


Our Marketing Director Bejeana Breneville shares her story of being born without thumbs and how they became a huge part of her identity and well as insecurity and inevitably changed the way she navigates the world and her mentality on following your own path. Bejeana is a graduate from Boston University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising with an African-American Studies Minor. She is passionate about Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity initiatives and loves being apart of projects that serve communities for a greater purpose.