We live in a fast-paced society that blurs the line between work and our personal lives. The reality of living in a global pandemic has only created an even murkier boundary, with many working from home or picking up extra shifts to keep up. Juggling a social life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, thriving professionally, and taking care of my mental health are all priorities. When one area becomes more demanding, another is sacrificed. The struggle is inevitable because of life’s only guarantee: change.

It is up to each of us to maintain these boundaries for the sake of ourselves and those closest to us. With the start of the new year, I am making it a priority to set realistic intentions to achieve this never-ending goal of stability. Finding this equilibrium means making a few changes, beginning with time as the most pivotal. Time management is essential to my goal because after all, it takes time to make time. Specifically, I am going to keep a better track of how long it takes me to fulfill certain responsibilities, that way I can plan my days and better predict productivity. I also want to be sure to make personal time for myself, no matter what. Watching Netflix, going for a jog, or even playing a game of FIFA are examples of how I enjoy the time alone. It’s a way of recharging. A lack of downtime creates a culture that isn’t sustainable and can ultimately bleed into other facets of life.

Lifestyle habits contribute to someone’s overall health, both physically and mentally. With maturing comes recognizing balance as a necessity more than a preference. I’d like to think the search for balance is more of a cycle than a race to the finish line. It's never-ending, and requires a new approach in every new phase of life I enter into.

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