Growing Pains

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Amid a pandemic, Beneficial Pain found solace. Amongst the chaos, our small not-for-profit organization found peace. Externally, Beneficial Pain presents itself as an innovative leader in Baltimore that is bursting at the seams with the potential. That presentation is an accurate depiction of BP, but it’s not the full story.

In our search for purpose, we made mistakes. In our attempt to grow, we shrink, and with all our potential, we ponder the idea of giving up. The reality is the work we do is hard. It’s harder when you see what you can become so clear. It makes the failure feel more painful. In an attempt to provide our supporters a glimpse into a few moments of Beneficial Pain, we write. As we progressed through 2020, one concept remained persistent for Beneficial Pain. “We tell stories.”

I think that’s what brought our team together in the first place. We wanted to tell stories. Stories of triumph and growth. We wanted Beneficial Pain to be real and raw emotion that allowed anyone and everyone to recollect a moment in their life where they made pain beneficial. In pursuit of our goal, we struggled to focus our vision. We still struggle. We wonder why our following has not grown the way we thought it would? Why the mission of Beneficial Pain has yet to permeate throughout the identity of Baltimore? What are we doing wrong?

These questions keep our minds stirring through the night. They cast shadows of doubt over the light we bring to the city. It illuminates the idea of quitting, and yet, we persist. The irony of our organization going through pain is that we know how it ends.

The beauty of Beneficial Pain is the blank canvas that it provides to the brilliant artists behind it.

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