Life With Intention

Before I graduated from college, I thought I was exactly where I needed to be in life.

At the time, I was a full-time student wrapping up my last semester of undergrad while working as a paralegal for a non-profit organization. When the position was offered to me, I was delighted to be considered—the competence I knew I had within me was finally validated. I correlated having a real salary to success; but it wasn’t until I spent my Friday nights in the office past 7 drafting affidavits when I realized, this is not for me.

I grew up seeking excellence. After graduating, I pictured myself having the perfect job, and loving that drive to work every morning.

But that wasn’t the case.

When I lost my job in the middle of the pandemic, the pedestal I held myself on vanished. Though I was unhappy at my job, my self-importance quickly diminished, and I feared the judgment and perceptions of others.

As young adults, we spend most of our time at school or work, so why would we devote that time being unhappy?

After my time of self-reflection, I eventually realized that having a job title does not define my entire identity. I am still the same brilliant woman—just minus the fancy business card. I recognized my worth and I regained my self-value. I promised myself to live an intentional life. What excites me? What fills my soul with passion and light? I realized that we only live one life and whether it’s working on a passion project, your job, or school, we should enjoy what we do. Shortly after a mental-switch, new doors quickly opened for me.

I was invited to be a part of Beneficial Pain in August 2020 and it has been the most incredible journey so far. Beneficial Pain is a young organization filled with bright and gifted individuals. Each person on the team contributes greatly in so many unique ways. In every team meeting we have, which we call Director’s Huddle, there are always new thoughts on ways we could make an impact in the community. That’s what I appreciate the most—we are astoundingly so intentional with our actions and every idea is attempted to be brought to life with passion.

We are innovative, we are thinkers, we are Beneficial Pain.

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