I remember when I was younger, I couldn’t wait to be in my twenties. I was so excited to strike out on my own and chase my dreams. Well, here I am now, four years into my twenties, and it is nothing like I expected. I checked all the boxes you are supposed to, but my dreams have now changed, and all I have to show for it is student loans and an identity crisis.

There is so much pressure that comes along with being in your twenties. After all, it is called the “defining decade.” We have to have our careers figured out, become financially independent, get married, buy a house, and prepare for a retirement that is not even guaranteed (all while living in a pandemic that seems to have a new variant popping up every second and above all, we honestly might not even be here in a few years with the planet dying and everything). And yes, all of these things are important, but we get so focused on living a life based on success and how others will perceive us. We start to overthink our futures, compare ourselves to others, keep relationships out of fear of being alone, living for our parents and not for ourselves, and the list goes on and on.

So, where do we go from here? This is our lives, after all. How do we start living a life for no one else but ourselves?

Relearning who we are can be kind of scary, but there’s so much freedom in doing so. It is the most intimate and fulfilling relationship we will ever have. By taking the time to do so, we get the opportunity to create a life that is authentic to ourselves. We discover what we need and want out of life, learn to set boundaries, and identify our abilities and skills. Ultimately, investing in yourself means investing in your future.

Here are a couple of tips and tricks when your find yourself lost in your twenties:

  1. Find a hobby that is literally just a hobby. Not a side hustle, just something that brings you joy.

  2. Journal! Get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper.

  3. Meditate. There is so much power in learning to be present.

  4. It can feel lonely sometimes. Call a friend, I guarantee you they are going through something similar.

  5. Remember, you are the main character.

I truly challenge you to start making self-discovery a priority in your life. Take the time to learn who you are. The journey can be challenging and uncertain, but I promise you it is worth it.

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