The Plug is a colloquial term that is used to indicate an individual that can meet a need. Historically these needs have been drug-related. However, we hope to become The Plug for the city of Baltimore. If the city needs hope, we can provide that. The Plug (as adopted by Beneficial Pain) is a community-focused program that provides essential items to the various communities in Baltimore. These items are provided in packs that we call “Growth Packs.” What we place in the “Growth Packs” is dependent upon the community we seek to learn from, and the needs present there.


Our goal is to create intentional relationships with the communities of Baltimore. The Plug is an initial introduction, and we hope to build from our initial interactions and learn together. We want to share stories, exchange narratives, and allow Beneficial Pain to be a resource for the entire city.


We have given out 200 Growth Packs. 

- 100 Growth Packs centered around COVID Individuals experiencing homelessness in West Baltimore

- 100 growth packs centered around the homeless in East Baltimore and the Inner Harbor.